The Crypto Show Anarchapulco Series

We had a great time in Anarchapulco. Not only were we able to pull off a super fun event with a local motor cycle gang the Baja Riders where we fed 65 children at a local orphanage but we also had multiple great interviews with the speakers of the conference. The most notable be the…

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Brian Hoffman OB1 & Daniel Diaz Of Dash

Tonight we talk with Brian Hoffman CEO of Open Bazaar about the latest with OB1 and its addition of Tor to the protocol. Then we talk with Daniel Diaz of about a whole host of new features implemented by Dash like 12.1.1 and the addition of Dash to an exchange, mining and merchant…

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Cody Wilson At The Most Dangerous Studio On The Planet

Cody Wilson joins the show tonight to discuss “The New Radical” a documentary focused around Cody and his 3D gun files and the evolution of Ghost Gunner. The Film also covers aspects of Amir Takii and Julian Assange. The Liberal Vitriol about the film was scathing towards Cody calling him “The Most Unlikable Character” at…

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Erik Voorhees Transaction Time & Price

Erik Voorhees joins the show to discuss the latest issues with high fees and slow transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain. What are the problems and what are the possible fixes? Will Bitcoin Unlimited or Segwit win out or could both work.

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Jordan Page & Kevin McKernan on

Meet me at the intersection of Crypto & Cannabis. Tonight is an awesome line up of our good friends Jordan Page and Kevin McKernan. Jordan is already an awesome activist in the political realm but now his efforts have shifted to the cannabis world. Jordan is now working with an organization that has found…

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G Edward Griffin

On our first night in the new studio at Ghost Gunner headquarters in Defense Distributed, we’re honored to have G Edward Griffin author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island” on the show to discuss many things, including his talk at Anarchapulco 2017. Tom Odom, Chris’ son who also works at Def Dist Joins us the…

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Christopher Hering of BlockPay & Andrew Wagner on Coin Fest

Tonight Christopher Hering of BlockPay fills us in on the Point Of Sale services provided by BlockPay as well as their up coming services in the works in the very near future. The second hour we talk with Andrew Wagner about his event CoinFest which is a Virtual Bitcoin Conference held over a weeks time…

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The Crypto Show, Unsung and Dash in Action

Today the main Unsung team from Baltimore dropped in to Austin to team up with us to feed some hungry folks. Thanks to the funding that the network gave us to fund these philanthropic efforts, we were able to jump into action and hand out 120 meals in downtown Austin. Dean and Natalie also…

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William Binney & Richard Jacobs

Tonight we talk with William Binney former NSA technical analyst turned whistleblower about the recent fake DNC hack and what’s really involved with that. We’re also joined in studio by Richard Jacobs of the future tech podcast just back from the CES conference to tell us about the latest tech. He brought his 9 yr…

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