Ulbricht Trial updates and Davi Barker for 01-18-15

In the first half, the guys are joined by local Austin activist John Bush as well as Mac who have both been present for the Ross Ulbricht Trial in NYC to discuss updates and provide a first hand account. In the second half of the show, writer artist and merchant Davi Barker joins the show to talk about Islam, Agorism and his work at DailyAnarchist.com, ShinyBandges.com, MuslimsForLiberty.com and his new book Survivor Max.MuslimAgoristflag


  1. Carlos on February 21, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    I can definitely see where diilpicsne eluded me when it comes to being more athletic (which I’m not). But I can also see how that shows with the rest of my life.. You’re probably on to something with the physical challenges = mental challenge = dominating life. I can’t personally relate and even going so far as thinking that your blog doesn’t really speak to me’ because its more on athleticism.. but its all a big copout on my part. after all, I definitely see where the DISCIPLINE of walking 660km when I did over a year ago made an excellent metaphorical basis to how I should be living my life.. maybe I need to be more diilpicsned with the physical (again) and see where else it takes me PS: I also want to know what’s with the arch nemesis story

    • thecryptoshow on March 6, 2016 at 5:55 am

      Sorry I’m not fully sure what the context of your comment is. Are you referring to certain episode?

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