The Most Dangerous Man In Austin


Once again The Most Dangerous Man In Austin Cody Wilson has proved to have a heart of GOLD!  The above photo was taken at the Defense Distributed Christmas Party and at this party Cody agreed to put up another Ghost Gunner for the defense fund of Ross Ulbricht. This is not the first time he has done this. On the first leg of this fundraiser that played out in September of this year we raised $2000 alone from just the first Ghost Gunner Cody donated. We still have multiple items at  This time Cody has given us a unit at $250 below cost so anything over $1250 will go directly  The current price for a Ghost Gunner at is $1500 and that puts you on a 3 month waiting list at current rate of production.  Bidding will start at $1500 highest bidder won’t have to wait in line and the unit will be hand picked and signed by Cody Wilson.  The last winner was very happy maybe not just at the quick delivery but he also lived in California so you can imagine how happy he was to have it.  The end date for bidding will be announced soon.  This will also run along side of another fundraising effort being put forth by Lyn Ulbrich that involves something very personal by Ross that will be announced later this week.

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