Rob Hustle Debut of Good Cops, Special Guests Steve Tanabe & Barry Cooper

We start off with Rob Capili aka Rob Hustle, who’s viral video “Call The Cops” is approaching 100,000,000 views. His latest project is a sequel to “Call The Cops” called “Good Cops” “Good Cops” was mostly funded with Bitcoin by the likes of Roger Ver and The Crypto Show. Rob has some awesome philanthropic projects moving forward that you can find at
Rob will also be teaming up with, to take full advantage of what Crypto has to offer and hopefully he can help other artists discover Crypto as well. We’re also joined by 2 X-Cops turned activists,Steve Tanabe who also stars in the video “Good Cops”as well as embroiled in a crazy police corruption case from his time as a cop. Barry Cooper former drug enforcement officers turned Cop Buster and creator of , a comprehensive website on how to fight back against the corrupt system

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