Dale Brown of The Detroit Threat Management Center & Rob Hustle of RobHustle.com


Tonight we talk with Dale Brown of Detroit Threat Management. Dale’s private protection company has replaced the government model a with a free market version that is not only more efficient but more accountable to the public.   With all of the recent police shootings this private model seems to be a better option.

The second hour we talk with Rob Capili aka Rob Hustle about his introduction to crypto and how he funded a video project with mostly Bitcoin.
Similarly to Dale Rob is an activist against Police abuse and we definitely get into that.
Very little Bitcoin content in this episode but I think we can all appreciate the free market at work

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  1. NO ON 41 on November 14, 2016 at 12:59 am

    YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT RULE 41 before the 1st of december, after that the FBI will be granted permission to hack botnets, tor, any computer with malware and essentially you, on one warrent.

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