Amanda B. Johnson of Dash Detailed


Tonight we talk With Amanda B Johnson of Dash Detailed about what she finds so appealing about the Dash Network. Founder of The Crypto Show and creator and actual owner of Brave New Books rejoins the show to talk about Dash and our proposal to the Dash Network. It’s no secret that The Crypto Show has been very focused on charity since it’s very inception at the first Texas Bitcoin Conference in 2014. What we’re proposing is 25% of our budget will go directly to efforts in Austin to feed 150 to 200 people a week through the efforts of the Austin Arcade City drivers.
Hopefully our efforts will be successful


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  1. NO ON 41 on November 14, 2016 at 1:02 am

    1 Warrant to rule them all
    1 Warrant to find them
    1 Warrant to bring them all
    & in the darkness bind them

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