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Alex Winter on The Crypto Show 11/05/2014

Writer, actor, producer and all around good guy Alex Winter joins The Crypto Show to discuss his upcoming documentary in production entitled, ‘Deep Web‘, as well as his previous documentary about the Napster revolution, entitled Downloaded.

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Charlie FN Hodge on The Crypto Show for 10/22/14

Charlie Hodge of The Charlie Hodge Show joins Harlan, Ryan & Danny to talk about his time at KLBJ FM, E-cigaretes, breast enhancement, and a tampon dispenser that doubles as a bitcoin ATM. And the crew celebrates the addition of trash cans to the studio. download the show here: (mp3)

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MK Lords and Jeffery Tucker on the Crypto Show! 9/28/14

Ryan, Harlan, and Danny are hosting tonight with special guests MK Lords and Jeffery Tucker. Poet, fire dancer, activist. Office manager at Roberts & Roberts Brokerage and managing editor of Bitcoin Not Bombs, M.K. Lords is committed to building bridges with a variety of activists and developing approaches to creating a freer world. She works…

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Looking Forward with Roger Ver 9/24/14

Roger Ver is a serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin evangelist, and venture capitalist with an unquenchable thirst for innovation. He’s been featured in virtually every major and alternative news source on the globe, and is one of the most influential players in the Bitcoin world to date. Today Ryan, Mac, Harlan, and Danny join the show to chat about his…

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