Brock Pierce & Niel Schloss

Brock Pierce joins us the first hour for several Bitcoin related topics including his recently launched and successful ICO. Brock also shares his opinions about the ongoing scaling debate in Bitcoin. Second hour Niel Schloss CFO of CannaScense.com an online collective that promises to deliver medicinal cannabis legally to all 50 states in the US…

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Kevin McKernan Medicinal Genomics

  Kevin McKernan joins the show to talk about decentralizing the Medicinal Cannabis Industry. Cannamed , PTSD, Cancer, Gastrointestinal problems and much more.   https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-crypto-show-with-kevin-mckernan-decentralizing-testing  

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Amir Taaki Vs ISIS, Bitcoin & Darkwallet

Amir joins the show to talk about his experience fighting ISIS with Rojava in Syria. Amir shares his philosophical reasons behind joining Rojava and how they intersect with anarchism. Amir also shares his thoughts on the current state of Bitcoin and the plan for finishing Dark Wallet. https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-crypto-show-amir-taaki-vs-isis-bitcoin-dark-wallet

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Andrew Polstra, Brian Bishop & Dances With Bitcoin

This was a super fun episode with Andrew, Bryan and Brian we cover Mimble Wimble, User Activated Soft Forks, Cryonics and Transhumanism. This is a don’t miss episode for sure.   https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-crypto-show-andrewsha512poelstra-bryanborg-5of12bishop-and-dances-with-bitcoin-on-mimblewimble-uasf-cryonics-and-transhumanism

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Cypher Punk Steve Schear & Satori Coin's Ken Shishido

Tonight we’re joined in Studio by OG Cypher Punk Steve Schear, SatoriCoin creator Ken Shishido and Lauren Slade from Swarm City. We were fortunate enough to be given some Satori Coins which are basically Casacius Coins pre-loaded with .001 BTC. We had a great time and had a lot of fun on this episode.  …

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Vinny Lingham

Tonight we Talk with Vinny Lingham. Vinny is a South African Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder & CEO of Civic – an identity protection and management startup. He was also previously the founder and CEO of Gyft & Yola, Inc Vinnny also dives into the ETF and bitcoin price predictions.   https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/category/the-crypto-show?page=4

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The Crypto Show hit SXSW armed with Dash and food for the homeless. We find this to be a great way to counteract the negative image of crypto currency. While “The Lame Stream Media” can only publish stories of dark markets and drug dealing we take it in another direction by feeding the homeless. This…

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The Crypto Show with Jeff CoinGun Smith & Charlie Shrem

Jeff CoinGun Smith of the Dash Dev. Team and Bitcoin Entrepreneur Charlie Shrem join the show to talk about the latest developments with Dash. Jeff covers Dash vending machines and the latest on the Masternode system and Evolution. Charlie covers his proposal to the Dash network for a Dash branded debit card including features and…

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