Helping Battered Women

Over the second half of 2016 it was an absolute joy to work with the independent drivers of Austin in our joint efforts with Unsung.org and Dash.org to provide thousands of meals. That’s not all either we were able to help the homeless in many ways not just food.  We were able to reach out…

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Giving Blankets, Socks and More

We were also able to reach out and help other cities participating in the Unsung efforts. The Seattle chapter needed help with blankets and thanks to the additional funding from Dash.org we were able to help out with blankets, socks and food. Arman Sadri, the North West director for Unsung, implemented those funds into action.…

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DashCares At SXSW 2017

During SXSW we were able to hand out hundreds of meals for the homeless. We had the great idea of getting passersby attending SXSW to hand off a meal to the nearest homeless person. We rewarded passersby with Dash by setting them up a wallet and giving them a few bucks for handing off a…

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TheCryptoShow.com 2017

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