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Tiana Lawrence & Brian Deery on The Gates Foundation Grant to Factom

Tonight Tiana Lawrence and Brian(Dances with Bitcoin) Deery join the show to talk about the Gates Foundation Grant to Factom and how it will be implemented in Third World countries to keep track of medical records. We also take BitcoinTalk forum questions and much more

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Rob Hustle Debut of Good Cops, Special Guests Steve Tanabe & Barry Cooper

We start off with Rob Capili aka Rob Hustle, who’s viral video “Call The Cops” is approaching 100,000,000 views. His latest project is a sequel to “Call The Cops” called “Good Cops” “Good Cops” was mostly funded with Bitcoin by the likes of Roger Ver and The Crypto Show. Rob has some awesome philanthropic…

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Evan Duffield and Andy Freer

Evan Duffield and Andy Freer join the show for the latest on Dash Evolution and the Dash Governance system. Then Chris goes on a wild rant about the whole Election fiasco

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John McAfee and Yoshi Goto on Bitmain/MGT Mining in The US

Tonight we talk with John McAfee and Yoshi Goto about the collaboration of MGT and the Bitmain S9 Antminer in hopes of being the largest US Bitcoin mining operation. We also touch on several other security issues in the cryptosphere. A couple of LTB listeners also drop in to sit in on the show. Nich…

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Stash Node Pro Launch

Tonight we talk with the StashCrypto team Chris Odom, Cliff (Batman) Baltzley and Justus Ranvier about the “Stash Node Pro” an exciting new innovation in not only Crypo Software but Crypto Hardware as well. “It’s a Bank in a Box”. This is not just your run of the mill wallet. It hosts a full Bitcoin…

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Cody Wilson Book release Come And Take It

Tonight our good friend Cody Wilson joins the show to present his new book “Come and Take It”. It’s a history and philosophy of the Ghost Gunnner and the Liberator, not to mention Cody himself. Very interesting stuff, look for ” Come and Take It” by Cody Wilson on Amazon. If you want to go…

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Kim Dotcom, Cody Wilson, and Simon Dixon

Once again we had a network error but our secondary backup took care of that. Kim Dotcom joins us for an unedited version of his unforgettable history. Often what you hear of Kim, the best parts are on the cutting room floor of “60 minutes” or what ever other lamestream media has interviewed him. Kim…

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Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech

Tonight we talk with Brian Sovryn about multiple topics including the history of decentralization and Bitcoin vs Altcoins. A great talk very happy to have Brian on. This is an unedited version with all of the conversation between commercials left in.

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