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Gary Le of ZCoin and our recent efforts with in Austin.

Tonight we talk with Gary Le co-founder of Zcoin about the upcoming sept. 28th release. The Second hr we rant about Geo Politics and our event with Unsung tomorrow sept. 22 to feed at least 100 homeless Austinite’s with Dash, alongside the Arcade City drivers.

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Jeffrey Tucker of & Ned Scott of

The first part of the show Jeffrey discuss his relationship with Murray Rothbard. Then we shift into Jeffrey’s take on the new Snowden movie and Snowdens view on Ayn Rand as portrayed in the movie. Then Ned Scott joins the Show to give a history and future road map of

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Shuffle Puff with Daniel Krawisz & Justus Ranvier

Tonight for our 100th episode on LTB, Daniel Krawisz creator of Shuffle Puff & Justus Ranvier BIP 47 creator join us to explain how coin mixing works through shuffle Puff and a little political fun at Hillary’s expense. The recent news of her questionable health is like a remake of “Weekend at Bernie’s”. All in…

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Amanda B. Johnson of Dash Detailed

Tonight we talk With Amanda B Johnson of Dash Detailed about what she finds so appealing about the Dash Network. Founder of The Crypto Show and creator and actual owner of Brave New Books rejoins the show to talk about Dash and our proposal to the Dash Network. It’s no secret that The Crypto Show…

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Ladar Levison of Lavabit & Cliff Baltzley of StashCrypto

Tonight Ladar Levison and Cliff Baltzley join us in studio for a technically difficult but fun time. Aside from the technical descriptions and technical difficulties with our network we had a great time and shared some great info. Very fun episode.

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John McAfee & Eijah of MGT and Chris Odom of StashCrypto

A full house tonight with John McAffe, Eric Anderson aka Eijah of Demon Saw and Chris Odom of StashCrypto and Open Transactions. All 3 guests join us for the whole show. We touch on multiple topics and have a lot of fun with it. Topics including DAO, DEFCON, Airplane hacks, Demon Saw, StashCrypto and much…

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