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The Crypto Show for WEDNESDAY 3/26/14

The crew reviews the week in crypto news from the IRS ruling on bitcoin to the news of bigger Wall Street players tip toeing into the industry.  In the second hour, Blake Anderson, a former security specialist for one of the top banks in the world, joins the show to talk about how bitcoin is…

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The Crypto Show for SUNDAY 3/23/14

What is money?  What is the difference between public and private forms of money and why is the latter preferable in the age of interest rate manipulation, bailouts and government malfeasance?  Listen to the crew have the age old row over money and politics.

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The Crypto Show for WEDNESDAY 3/19/14

The crew is joined by writer and cryptographer Daniel Krawitz from the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, for a talk on bitcoin’s anarchist beginnings and its anarchist future.  The gang takes calls and takes on the critics.  For more on Daniel’s work visit

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The Crypto Show for SUNDAY 3/16/14

In the first hour, the show has Lyn Ulbrecht in studio for an interview about her son Ross Ulbrecht’s federal prosecution for what the government claims is his operating the world’s largest online black market, the silk road.  The crew discusses the wide variety of ways this case will affect everyone who cares about internet…

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The Crypto Show for SUNDAY 3/09/14

The guys recap the week of bitcoin after attending both the Texas Bitcoin Conference and the 512-Bitcoin Mini-Conference.  Chris Nenedal reports from the Bitcoin meetup with interviews from some of the people behind the conference.

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The Crypto Show for SUNDAY 3/2/14

The gang talks disruptive technologies.  What they are and what they mean for expanding liberty.  In the second hour the show is joined by Steven Wilkenson of to talk about the upcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference at the Formula 1 track on March 5th and 6th and what the goals of the conference will be. 

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