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The Crypto Show WEDNESDAY 2/26/14

In the first hour, the crew talks bitcoin exchanges with Justus Ranvier of   Justus delves into the recent collapse of a popular bitcoin exchange MT. Gox and how this is actually good for the currency.  Then the crew is joined by Michael Cargil of Central Texas Gunworks to talk about his recent decision…

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The Crypto Show for SUNDAY 2/23/14

The Crypto Crew talks, rants and jokes about anarchism and free markets.  In the second hour the crew is joined by Joel Williamson of the Alliance of Austin Agorists for a talk about the anarchist strategy of agorism and his upcoming event at Brave New Books with a founding agorist thinker Jack Shimek on Friday…

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First Show WEDNESDAY 2/19/14

The crypto crew just landed on this planet of yours a few short days before being given a radio show.  Not knowing anything about radio the crew managed to put together a halfway entertaining 2 hours.  Mike Piri of Bitcoin Agents and joined the show to break the news of his bitcoin ATM, the…

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